Product Management Leader: Fostering Innovation in AI and Data for Corporations, Startups, and Agencies

I'm a product management leader passionate about building innovative and useful products. I've been in Product Management and led product teams for over twelve years, and I have worked in AI for the past eight years. With a diverse background in Product Management, Program Management, Consulting, Engineering, and Strategic Advising, I bring a comprehensive skillset to drive success and innovation. I specialize in Artificial Intelligence and am the founder of Welcome.AI.

Professional Experience

Welcome.AI | Founder | Consultant

Jan 2017 - Present

Bloomberg | Product Manager Team Lead

Sep 2020 - Feb 2022

Spell.ML MLOps Platform | Product Marketing Lead

Jun 2019 - Sep 2020

Havas NYC | Executive Digital Producer

Sep 2014 - Jan 2019

Havas Australia | Digital Projects Director

Feb 2013 - Jul 2014

BMF Advertising | Digital Projects Director

Apr 2011 - Nov 2012

Fettel (Startup) | Product Manager, Developer, UX

Jul 2010 - Mar 2011

News Corp Australia | Senior Product Manager

Jun 2006 - Jul 2010

Hutchison (3 Mobile) | Online Content Manager

Apr 2005 - May 2006

Freelance Web Designer and Developer

Jan 2000 - Jan 2005

Time Inc Magazines | IT Support Technician

Apr 1999 - Apr 2004


Committed to Continuous Learning.

Year Organization Course
2023 DeepLearning.AI / AWS Generative AI with Large Language Models
2023 OpenAI / DeepLearning.AI ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers
2022 Bubble No-code application development
2021 DataCamp Data Engineering for Everyone
2020 Johns Hopkins University Managing Data Analysis
2020 DeepLearning.AI Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow
2020 DeepLearning.AI Sequences, Time Series and Prediction - Tensorflow Specialization
2020 DeepLearning.AI Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
2019 DeepLearning.AI Structuring Machine Learning Projects
2019 DeepLearning.AI AI For Everyone
2018 Udacity Python Programming, Data Science
2017 General Assembly Big Data and Product Development, Data Science for Managers
2016 IBM IBM Certified Application Developer - Watson V3 Certification
2015 Codecademy Javascript, Node.js
2013 Codecademy Ruby, Ruby on Rails
2007 News Corp Agile Project Management
2000 CGC Sydney Web Design and Development


Sharing Knowledge, Expertise, and Perspectives.

Defining Your Bot’s Purpose and Focusing Its Domain Knowledge

Chatbot Magazine - 2017

Explore the concept of Minimal Viable Knowledge (MVK) in bot development, which emphasizes a bot's focused domain knowledge and clear purpose. By starting with a specific domain, developers can streamline the training process and expand the bot's knowledge base over time.+

Engineering as Marketing with AI - 2017

Engineering as Marketing is an innovative approach that leverages engineering resources to create valuable tools and products that complement a company's core offerings. By incorporating Artificial Intelligence, businesses can provide personalized and enhanced user experiences, which in turn helps attract and engage their target audience. +

How to Choose Your Side Projects

DAYONE - 2017

Explore side projects for personal growth, creativity, and financial opportunities. Prioritize projects based on Fun, Fame, and Fortune lenses to balance enjoyment, recognition, and revenue potential.+

IBM Watson Developer Certification Study Guide

Github - 2017

A study guide covering Machine Learning development fundamentals, Neural Networks, core Watson APIs, services and use cases. The certification exam study guide covers all of the aspects of building an application that uses Watson services. +

Our IBM Watson Hackathon experience

Medium - 2015

The IBM Watson Hackathon 2015 offered a two-day experience for developers to explore Watson APIs in the areas of travel, education, and employment. Our team focused on creating an educational tool to help NYC students find high schools that match their personalities. +

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